Community Road Safety Partnerships


The Community Road Safety Partnerships (CRSP) Program has been implemented by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) in Tasmania to develop partnerships with local government authorities and associated community networks to achieve a greater focus on road safety outcomes at a local community level.

Since July 2003, DIER has been working with 12 local government authorities who registered interest and enlisted in the CRSP program. These communities are Burnie, Kentish, Launceston, Dorset, George Town, Break O'Day, West Tamar, Glenorchy, Brighton, Kingborough, Hobart and Glamorgan / Spring Bay.

The success of the program since 2003, has built strong partnerships with local communities. Extension of the program to include new community partners will further enhance the broad reach of the program over the next two years.

The CRSP program aims to maximise the delivery of road safety activities by linking with existing community networks, such as local road safety groups, Police and community liaison committees and community safety organisations.

Through the CRSP program community organisations are being mobilised to embrace road safety and to address important state and local issues. This is being achieved primarily through public awareness raising and community education programs.

One of the key elements of this approach is to address the objectives of the Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy in conjunction with local road safety needs and issues.

The CRSP program is all about "grass roots" community development processes. Through this "bottom up" approach communities are supported in developing and implementing their own informed locally based solutions to road safety issues.